Cytomed - Medical Biologocal Research and Development Centre


One of the main projects that are planned for implementation by the Cytomed Complex involves construction of a new modern pharmaceutical manufacture facility complying with the GMP standard requirements: this will be a technological complex for manufacture of medicinal products.



The Cytomed Company is open to partnership relations.
We invite for business cooperation enterprises, companies, investors that are ready to work at the Russian market, to develop their business with reliable and approved partner from the Russian side. The Cytomed Company is willing to cooperate with researchers who have interesting and promising ideas in the field of medicine and pharmacology.



About the Company

The Medical-Biological Research-Industrial Complex CYTOMED is one of the first Russian native pharmaceutical manufacturing companies that have been working at the pharmaceutical market of Russia since 1989. During these more than 20 years of irreproachable work we have been creating medical products using experience and knowledge of the best researchers, pharmacists and physicians.


The research activity

The research in the field of development of new pharmacological preparations.
The CytoNIR Company is a part of the Medical-Biological Research-Industrial Complex CYTOMED and implements the Complex Cytomed research activity.
The main attention of the CytoNIR Company's research activity is paid to search for and constructing of new peptide preparations haivng high pharmacological activity, and experimental study of the obtained compounds.


The produce

The Medical-Biological Research-Industrial Complex CYTOMED is engaged in manufacture of peptide preparations specific by their high pharmacological activity:

  • «Cytovir» – prophylactics and treatment of acute respiratory diseases and influenza for adults and for children,
  • «Thymogen» – the immune modulator for prophylactics and treatment of immune-deficit conditions
  • «Prostatilen» – therapy of prostatitis, adenoma, age-dependent disturbances of the prostate gland functions.